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Japanese Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita or “GothLoli” (ゴスロリ, gosurori) is a fashion particularly popular among Japanese teenagers and young women. It emphasizes Victorian-style girl’s clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls.

Variations of the Gothic Lolita look include “Classic Lolita” (more traditional clothing) and “Elegant Gothic Lolita” (EGL, which is heavily influenced by gothic fashion). The male analog to this fashion is “Elegant Gothic Aristocrat” (EGA) which shares EGL’s emphasis on the Victorian era, though not on children’s clothing. Gothic Lolita is also influenced by the imagery of more feminine Visual Kei (or “visual rock”) bands. Visual Kei is a Japanese form of pop music where the musical style may vary but defined by bands featuring performers in elaborate costumes.

Mana, the crossdressing former leader and guitarist of the Visual Kei band Malice Mizer, is widely credited for popularizing the Gothic Lolita movement. In 1999, he founded his own fashion label, Moi-même-Moitié, for which he coined the terms Elegant Gothic Lolita and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. Mana, a male, regularly appears in the Gothic & Lolita Bible, modelling his own Victorian-inspired designs with heavy gothic makeup and big hair. After the breakup of Malice Mizer, Mana founded his solo project, Moi Dix Mois.

The style

Typically voluminous with ribbons, lace trims and frilly knee-length skirts. Usually a combination of black and white, often black with white lace, is worn. Skirts often have a concealed crinoline. In the past, some dresses were adorned by an “Alice in Wonderland”-style apron, but this is no longer common. Skirts are usually worn with knee-high stockings. Black fishnet stockings (often with intentional holes) and white or black tights are also common. Clunky shoes, typically boots or Mary-Janes, complete the look.

Frilly, ruffled or lace-trimmed Victorian blouses are also popular especially with “EGL” types. Typically black or white is worn but grey, red, blue and pastels are occasionally accenting colors. Designs are modest, sometimes with long lace-capped sleeves. A flat chest is preferred. Cleavage and breasts are de-emphasized to preserve a child-like look. Sometimes blouses have “Peter Pan” collars and sleeves.

Headpieces often complement the outfit. Mostly black or white, headgear might consist of a headband with ruffles, ribbons, lace or bows. Sometimes even bonnets or askew top hats (also seen in EGA) are worn. Hair may be curled to complete the porcelain doll look. The naturally dark Japanese hair color is often lightened but rarely to blonde.

Makeup is used sparingly and is seen more often with EGL styles than with other GothLoli styles. Black eyeliner is typical. A pale complexion is preferred, so white foundation might be used. Red or black lipstick is seen but lighter makeup is the rule.

Gothic Lolita outfits may be accessorized with other props like conspicuous pocketbooks, hatboxes, handbags and other bags, sometimes in the shape of bats, coffins, and crucifixes. Parasols are also common as are lace gloves.

Typically, this is not everyday clothing for adherents. Worn primarily in public for concerts and on weekends, the style is mostly for show and not a practical fashion.


Although “Lolita” is apparently a reference to Vladimir Nabokov’s famous novel, and GothLoli is often worn by teens, most followers of the style do not consider it overtly sexual. Adherents present themselves as Victorian children or baby dolls and prefer to look “cute” rather than “sexy”.

Goth Loli Culture

In Japan it is mass-marketed and has wide visibility particulary in the street in Tokyo, on television, in manga and computer games. Outside of Japan it is still a fringe fashion although it has slowly begun to spread to Europe and the United States. Gothic Lolita, along with Cosplay and other Japanese cultural phenomena, can be seen at concerts and anime conventions throughout Europe and the United States. The style has not yet been mass marketed outside of Japan and probably never will be. However, there are plenty of dedicated fans filling the gap. Gothic Lolita magazines are widely available for purchase on the internet and at Japanese bookstores, which also deal in anime and manga. Adherents in Europe and the United States often sew their own homemade Gothic Lolita outfits, sometimes offering them for sale to make up for the difficulty of acquiring them from Japan.

(Source: Wikipedia)


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88 Responses to “Japanese Gothic Lolita”

  1. charlotte Says:

    u know what the stupid thing is? on girls from the west it looks a lot less cute, i should know, i’ve tried and i discovered that it takes a lot of efford to look as cute as a japanese gothic lolita…if you actually become as cute as them -_-

  2. Raven Says:

    It isn’t hard to look cute if you’re short and cute already like Japanese girls, but when ugly girls try it, it just looks like an ugly girl in an Easter dress.

  3. neo-ragdolls Says:

    the biggest problem i have is that there are no stores here. i love the style, but cannot find the clothes, and my handmade ones aren’t to my knees. plus lace and frills are such a pain to sew on. to all those out there trying to aquire these outfits, it’s probably cheaper to make and alter existing outfits rather than attempting to buy them online but if you decide to buy instead…awsome you have a lot more moolah than me. ^-^

  4. charlotte Says:

    a lolita clothes selling store apeared in holland somewhere , and it doesn’t look so much “bad” on americans and europeans, it just looks less cute and more…more elegant…geez people, don’t be offended so fast! i’m a good person, i swear!

  5. Francie Says:

    I am already short, and I suppose “cute”, but there aren’t very many american stores–at least not where I live (arkansas). Where do I find these things, without spending an arm and a leg?

  6. toki Says:

    gothic lolita is very nice looking….but somehow…i still don’t look good in it….hmm..i wonder liking this helps me in some sorta way…thanx!

  7. Ai kun Says:


  8. Kathia Says:

    I love Goth loli, its such a cute style, BUT although it is, It stills does not look good on American People At all…Leave it to the Japanese Please…Lol ^-~

    -An American

  9. Rei Says:

    I love EGL, but I’m tall and busty, so yeah. I get a lot of positive comments, and apparently I do look cute, but by no means childish. [le shrug] I have to sew my own clothes, too, unless I want to buy a ridiculously short skirt or dress. -_-; Meh.

  10. steph Says:

    um, the gothic lolita look looks ridiculous on western people. im asian and petite, i personally would not wear the gothic lolita but i see many asian girls wear it, and they can only just look alright. i’m sorry but if i saw a tall western person dressed in gothic lolita, it would just be funny. not to mentiopn, asians generally are thinner with smaller bone structure.

  11. jimix Says:

    harro…just so you know…visual kei is not from Jpop. nor pop at all. nice site. but putting that word in there for my girlfriend, who was pretty mad about the miss interpretation.

  12. Sky Claudette Says:

    Gothic Lolita is Is Fabulous

  13. Ko-chan Says:

    Lolita is a great thing, yes, but the only way it can ever look good on us westerners is if it’s gothic. Otherwise we look like we’re trying to snag an old guy ((eeewww)).

  14. neo-ragdolls Says:

    if i am not mistaken…hot topic is now selling clothes very similar to the gothic lolita fashion…close enough that i have seen them being worn at cons…the style may seem tough to replica but try looking into vintage apparel stores…^-^

  15. CheChan Says:

    What if people think you like japanese? or think you are japanese but your not? i’m average high, so if i wear flat mary jane will it work? i have black straight and wavy hair at the bottum, if i curl it i think i’ll be able to accomplish the japanes lolita look…

  16. purplefinch Says:

    Well if you guys know that the gothic lolita style ORGINALLY came FROM America/Europe >_>, but that was when people looked good now americans are fat lards. I dont think a fat person should dress up in Gothic Lolita style too, its not for them >>[like the americans]. Im mean some americans/europeans can dress up as one and they will look great…

  17. Ashley Says:

    I think gothic lolita can look good on anybody no matter the race. I wear it, & It’s beautiful looking.. well, not exactly lolita, more EGA. another difference is that alot of american “goths” don’t wear make-up. I notice at my school, all the so called “goths” are more like cross-dressing dikes. Me and my twin on the other hand, dress more elegant, wear lots of make-up, and I guess just have natural beauty. If you lookup pictures of japanese gothics, some look horrible also, I don’t belive it’s just that their japanese. If you need help, I’ll give you some tips:
    1) wear make-up! (most american goths don’t)
    2) don’t try to dye you hair yourself. ( it dosn’t look cute, trust me)
    3) cheap hair dye comes out cheap looking.
    4) if you whant to look “cute” goth, don’t dress like a punk or a man.
    5) If you need some help finding clothes, check an express store, they have some good harajuku/shinjuku looking clothes.
    6) attend to your hair!… constantly straighten or spiral it.
    7) wear body spray. (and also remember to shower every morning and brush teeth… alot of goths at my school don’t -.-)
    8) buy cute assessories, i.e. HelloKitty, phone straps, and hair assessories.
    9) talk cute… make a fake voice if you have to.
    10) parasols and fans.

  18. Laura San Says:

    I think the last poster is trying too hard to be cute. A fake voice? Jeez.

  19. ashley Says:

    you don’t have to be rude about it…-.- i’m just trying to help with some of these white ppl’s self-estem issues. I personaly don’t fake voice, I like mine. i just said this becuz lolita is “cute”, and some ppl just don’t sound cute when they talk. thants it, no hard feelings… I like white ppl, just try’n to help them out some.
    btw, I did find this wedsit with lots of good pictures of non-asian gothic lolitas…I saved the pictures to post on here, but come to find out, I can’t, and I don’t remember the site… found it on google… sorry my EGL/EGA sistas’.

  20. Emily Says:

    Like most of my friends I love the EGL an EGA look very much, an I take great care in how I dress an persent myself when I wear my dresses. But saddly I do have to agree with some of you that EGL is not for everyone. Like most fashion styles out there there are just some that can wear them and some that can’t. I myself can’t pull off the whole wester POP-star look at all (main streem American fashion)that’s mostly because I’m not as tall as most women my age(20) which is one of the main reasons I’m able to pull off the lolita look at all.

  21. Rosie Says:

    The problem with Americans and Europeans doing Gothic Lolita I believe is twofold:
    1) They are influenced too much by American style Goth. The point of EGL isn’t to be spooky, it’s to be elegant and yes, sweet.
    2) White facepaint. They can’t seem to stay away from it, and they use it poorly.

  22. Rioku chan Says:

    Lols…I like how many people like the lolita style (including myself)!! I am also one of the many fashion luvers that sadly do not have any store that sells anything that might help obtian the looks. I also live in the most stuck up town you’ve ever seen! I went to school with a simple outfit – a pretty plain/black trench coat thing from hot topic, dark jeans, sweet black knee-high boots, and a princessAI Tee. Kids were kind of mocking me through out the WHOLE day saying I looked like Trinity from the matrix. Since next year is my freshman year, I plan on TOTALLY changing my wardrob to either FRUiTS or GothLoli.
    PS~ I’ve seen plenty of american girls that look kawaii in these styles. RAMBLING ON LIKE AN IDIOT! chow friends of the inter-web *~_^

  23. Tressy Says:

    I love the lolitia look myself yet I have been unsuccessful in copying it here in the states because there aren’t enough shops that carry clothing items that I like and would fit me ( I am a bigger goth). But like I said it is so cute!

  24. Tressy Says:

    I just recieved my latest copy of Gothic Beauty and they did a cover and photos of American goth lolitia so it can be done by us girls in the states. I say if the Japanese girls can do it and look good so can we!

  25. Saya Says:

    I really like GothLi.

  26. Japanese REAL lolita Says:

    you ppl suck.

  27. ashley Says:

    “I say if the Japanese girls can do it and look good so can we!”
    that’s how I feel bout it! go 4 it!

  28. Hana-chan Says:

    I’m a sweet Lolita, and being cute and Jrock/Jpop is all that matters to me! I love my dresses and skirts and all my friends think my clothes rule! I love making clothes too, and attaching bunny ears on hoodies!

  29. Ori chan Says:

    erm.. im a malaysian… whoever hav the lolita fashion website.. can send 2 me?? or just published it here… thankss

  30. Mererid Says:

    Interesting article, I’m just beginning to get into EGL so all knowledge is good. I think perhaps the main reason reason we here in the west have problems carrying off the look is –

    In Japan this, whilst not everyday wear, is a well known fashion. Here it’s practically unheard of. As such it’s much harder to feel confident in what you’re wearing, and confidence is the key to looking good. So just stick your head in the air and bask in the knowledge you’re gorgeous, girls! :) And also don’t be afraid to add your own twist to the “look” – it’s not sacred!

  31. nyap Says:

    Goth Loli is real pretty, but I still think it looks better on Asians… the problem I usually see with Westerners is that being Gothic just ends up as trying to show a lot of skin (like, cleavage, thigh, arms, etc…) and i doubt thats the point. it’s really gross since many of them arent all that thin…

  32. ashley Says:

    well,,, some asians do look good in it, but not all, trust me. same for non-asians, some can look cute in it. but yeh, I agree, many american gothics arn’t skinny and look pretty bad in the type of clothes that they pick out. but, I personaly think it looks a lot better than the gothic stuff americans wear right now >

  33. chuck Says:

    Iam a westerner, I have my own style always have, none of my friends are my size nor do they have my personality…I am petite and modest about it…I do agree that Japanese girls look the cutest….but everyone should have there own style….I have been dressing childlishy and immature a(according to family and friends it is)for a long while….it shocked me to see girls doing this with effort….I called my style Ageadrogoni….and my stylistic=Peanuts! My ma and daddy named me after a cartoon character! I’m really something BABY!

  34. mikiki Says:

    WTFeck is up with everybody here?
    Dudes, for real.
    The EGL/EGA style is an interesting cultural mining activity, the exoticization of The Orient and the power of The West infiltrating eastern cultures created this look and western interest in a cultural remixing… it’s just interesting to look critically at how/why this style exists.
    and as for you haters, can we get OVER the body-fascism. It ain’t just being skinny that makes a person look good, (oh and btw, I’m a distance runner and have a very ‘marketable’ body/look) And for those that say they’re here to boost people’s confidence by telling us essentially that Fat People can’t look good in EGL (any other suggestions then?? ugh.) are being closed-minded, sizeist jerks. People look good when they feel good about themselves and this look, especially in the West, is a style risk, at the best of times, I’d love it if we could support people for trying to be creative and expressive in their personal style, not knocking them for not getting it right, trying hard enough, being thin enough to “pull it off” etc.
    Keep it real,
    Keep lookin good
    on your own terms!

  35. Emily Says:

    Like some of you have stated earlier about how hard it is to find Lolita like styles here in the states, it is totally not true. As of the last few months I have been spending a lot of time going to second hand stores and fashion swaps an I have surprizingly found a lot of clothes that could be modified in to Lolita. So don’t go all crazy trying to buy things online look around first. Trust me you’ll sure to find some really neat stuff. If not then try making and designing your own outfit a good lot of the time that’s the best way to go if you have an odd body type.

    As for western goth there are somethings about it that I just don’t care for that much but I put up with it anyway. To be honest I’m more of a vampier style western goth myself. An unlike most western goths I really don’t like showing off my skin that much when I can help it (I mostly wear coutfits that cover my whole body from the neck down).

  36. Bekah Says:

    Hmm…wow I’m suprised at how many people are bashing American Lolitas. O_O I agree that not everyone looks good in Lolita but that goes for a lot of asians too. >_> But I’m an American Lolita, and no I’m not fat, I’m quite thin, I am a bit tall (5′6”), white, have red hair and freckles, but the clothes still fit me, and I get plenty of compliments when I wear Lolita. So, it really doesn’t depend on race. At all. It makes me so mad when people think “Oh this style is only for Japanese people, because everyone else looks horrible in it! Blah blah blah.” White people are the originals, so they look just as elegant or beautiful, so get over it.

  37. Katsumi Nekoyoshi Says:

    Hey i’m english and i’m into the goth loli thing too. I do agree that some people dont suit the style BUT its all about how you guys feel about wearing it – whatever floats your boat really ^_^ just as long as people are happy to wear it, they should :D
    I myself am western – 5ft 9 (-_- i hate being tall sometimes) very slim and am mixed race (quarter ghanaian african, quarter polish half english with some italian and basque french O.o) with long brown naturally curly hair, brown eyes and tan skin. I worry sometimes myself that i might not be -cute- enough for the style due to my height and broad shoulders but i’m going to a visual kay concert tomorrow and i thought – to hell with it! im going gothic loli inspired!! so yeh – just do what you feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel people and enjoy it! as they say – you only have one life

  38. Shadows Says:

    i wonder have any of u guys ever seen a black goth? male or female, cause i’m starting to feel like the only one.

  39. James Says:

    well… EGL and EGA looks wonderful on quite a few people of different races that i know so i dont think race is a bearing at all… actually it was initially worn by white people but that isnt the point; the point is that this style can be elegant on anyone from my girlfriend who is like 100lbs and around 5′4″ to myself who is 6′3″ and 145lbs… neh why wont people get over themselves… all people are proportioned the same basically some are just bigger/smaller then others ^_^

  40. Jill Says:

    nothing over $50 and awesome one of a kind pieces!

  41. haley Says:

    everybody just shut the freak up

  42. hinata Says:

  43. hinata Says:


    this shop id good for this sort of style

  44. Aisha Says:

    Im also a black Lolita, but i do admit certain body types cannot pull it off, and im fully African,but not fat yet not to thin as most japanese girls are semi thick not tiny like vetimanese girls, 5′7… though it seems the style it becoming sort of known in Ghana and Liberia i doubt it will ever flourish maybe in South Africa. I just hope the baby star and shine store opens in San Fransico i would be on a plane so fast.

  45. CharcoalCookie Says:

    Its annoying that I’m asian and *ahem* reasonably cute (…) but i have…MAN SHOULDERS and GREAT BIRTHING HIPS…thus my figure looks totally out of place in a loli dress…heh…so now i’m thinking of going boystyle/EGA even though the general reaction of the people in the UK would be to shout abuse but i can’t seem to find any shops or sites that sell this combination…

    Boo to schools without embroidery classes!

  46. Nadia Says:

    I LOVE elton

  47. momoko-chan Says:

    I’m a french girl, and I am actually a gothic lolita. (sorry if my english is bad -_-)
    It is not easy to wear this kind of clothes in france, because people REALLY don’t like. When I walk in the street, they look at me with malicious eyes, and 2 or 3 days ago, a man follow me, saying “what beautiful legs”….

    Otherwise, my mother is vietnamiese, so I look like her(just a little), and I’m relatively thin. I think europeans and americans can wear this style, first because those clothes are NOT japanese, they are inspired by the victorian time in Europe, and also because everybody (almost everybody ^^) can be cute, not only japanese girls ^^

    Bye, I will come soon to see the others replies ;)

  48. shiori Says:

    well i’m sure it works for me, this goth loli style coz i’m undeniably cute for a twenty would make me look more adorable…lol

  49. shiori Says:

    it’s nice

  50. Jay Says:

    Come on are you really going to tell me that there is noway for us in the west to get this clothing for oursleves i am male and would really love to be ablree to buy some and or have some made maybe there are patterns out there for this clothing for us males i would really love to wear it myself i am transgered crossdresser by the way so that just might make it somewhat easier to find it i do not know just how cute i would be in this clothing but that really does not matter to me i just would love to wear it and incorporate it in to who and what i am surely there are weatern wear for us american mlaes who would just love to wear this style of clothing it is so lovely would it really matter how cute you were surely it would llok somewhat nice on anyone if you can get it in larger sizes hmmm. Pleas do let me know I am at

    Thank you!

  51. violetsky Says:

    This is a silly argument!
    I am 20, white, I am the tallest of my friends, but still everyone tells me I am the cutest ^^ anyway, I wear a cross between mild gothloli/pirate clothes, I love it.
    No-one can ever guess my age and either think I am 26 or 16, it is uncommon in New Zealand but I get positive comments a lot, I think because I’m happy and when you’re happy you attract happy people!
    Most girls my age all dress the same boring or tacky or slutty clothes, I like to take pride in my appearance :)

    Anyway I’m getting side-tracked, the point is that you do not have to be short to be cute :)

  52. Paulah Says:

    I love this style, and I’m just recently starting to actually wear it.
    I live in the UK though (moved here from south africa a few years ago) and people here don’t even like the “goth” or “emo” kids, so I’m a bit afraid of what they’ll think. but I guess to hell with them, it’s my choice :]

    I’m not HUGE, but I’m not super skinny either, so would it look better if I wore skirts instead of the big, frilly dresses?

    Also, are there any online stores that AREN’T extremely expensive and do goth loli clothes?

    Rambling on now…
    Please help, thank you ^^

  53. Paulah Says:

    OH, also…
    I have my lip pierced [twice on the bottom lip on the right side], would it wreck the loli image? I really love the style but I love my piercings too…

  54. Rin Says:

    I’m Norwegian, and I love the lolita style.
    But it’s impossible to get any lolita-clothes over here… I live in a small town and the only clothing store here is H&M>_>
    Does anyone know where I could find (not to excpencive) gothic or sweet lolita clothes?
    Oh, and by the way, I’m 13 years old, 5′1 and I’m not really cute, more creepy maybe… Do you think I could look good in Sweet or Gothic lolita?

  55. Loli-pop Says:

    Wow…most of you are unbearably conceited people. I agree with the previous comment. I’m 5′8 myself and, even though it IS hard to find cute lolita clothing that’s the right length, it doesn’t change the fact that I look cute in it. In fact, I think some tall lolitas actually look better than alot of the short ones.

  56. Gothic Sandra Says:

    hey!I love gothic lolita ^^but it’s too expensive=.=…lol

  57. Kali Says:

    First off, it is ridiculous to state that only the Japanese can wear Lolita. Second, it is ignorant and offensive to categorize an entire country’s population. Yes, many Americans are fat due to poor food choices and unscrupulous companies, but not ALL of them are fat. I am American, 5′ 3″ and 107 lbs. fully dressed. Third, it is important to explain what a “western Goth” actually is according to the original post punk definition. A “Goth” is a lover of Gothic music (NOT Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Linkin Park, etc. I am talking about Rasputina, The Sisters of Mercy, London After Midnight, Bauhaus, etc.), who is often apolitical, artistically inclined (but not always talented – art lovers are fine), and relatively unconcerned with pop culture elements and trends. It is not about “being different.” Being different is impossible, as is being normal. You are you, now deal with it and love it while you can. Neo-goths who mope about shopping malls and high schools in white face, crying about suidicide, have seen the external symbolism and taken it at face value; they haven’t taken the time to learn about the original movement. The symbolism and motifs are meant to help us overcome various constraints and taboos, not be swallowed by them. As far as Goths go, clothing choice is not about “what will people like me to wear,” but “what do I like to wear?” If an overweight woman feels fabulous in a mini skirt and corset, then she will wear it regardless of any leers or cat calls she may get.
    I am a proud western Goth, but love dark coloured and black classic Lolita styles. It is something I believe everyone can do if they put their minds to it; you don’t HAVE to be Japanese, especially since Victorian styles are European in origin. If you want to be racist, be racist in the correct way. The proper statement would be “only whites are allowed to wear Lolita.” As I said, I disagree with this insult. Dress as you like!

  58. charlotte Says:

    I think the reason why western girls fail at EGL is because most of them lack the sweetness and delicateness that comes from within or they try much too hard to be cute. There is nothing more annoying than a grown woman trying to act like a little girl. You can be sweet and delicate without being childish. They look like pigs dressed up in frills. Now the white models on some of EGL shopping sights look rather pretty sometimes as they are thin and have a dainty quality about them.

  59. Alexa Says:

    Half of this article is incorrect. :/

  60. Loretta Says:

    Hi everyone. I am asian.
    As many people stated, everyone can wear Lolita clothes. Even overweight girls(like poor me…)can wear this style with elegance if they are confident about their image.
    All we need is confidence + a smile.
    Here’s a website selling gothic lolita clothes available in large sizes:

    I buy all my gothic lolita clothes from here and i will say that they are inexpensive and really nice. :D

    For some of us who don’t know…the terms EGL and EGA
    only applies to clothing from
    Moi-même-Moitié , the brand founded by Mana.

    Thats all, i guess…I will come back soon to see your replies/comments. :D

  61. Chen Says:

    I agree with Gothic Sandra, Gothic styles are cool but it is very expensive… I wish (though I hate saying so ) That I could look pretty. My hair is very long and don’t know what to do with it. Can’t cut it “Certain Peoples” won’t let me. (my brother made my email address, it sounds stupid)

  62. Chen Says:

    Oh! Forgot to mention my hair is straight and blackish brown. All I do in the morning is take my shower tie my hair same style every day since the 6th grade…Sad to think about it.

  63. hi Says:

    that was a disturbing pic take it off the site!!!!!!!!!

    ttyl bbl

  64. Leah Says:,,, and All Goth/Loli. I personally think visuSKY is the best. I am mixed (Vietnamese and Black) with exactly brown hair (not light brown, not dark) that is straight and pretty long. I have sloping bangs that go across one side of my forehead. Brown eyes, 13 years old, skinny, little bit bigger bust than most my age, cute, and about 5′1-5′3. I have never worn Goth/Loli, but I’m sure it will look good on me. Except for my knees. Ugh, I hate them.
    Honestly, I think Goth/Loli would look nice on everyone. And if you’re overweight, JUST WEAR A CORSET!! And guess what? YOU’RE IN LUCK!! Since it’s Goth/Loli, there are plenty of corsets, and plenty of black (black makes you look skinnier, you know). Sure, when Japanese girls wear it it makes them look cute and demure, but white people, European people, and black people have the ability to look elegant. Besides, you don’t always have to look 12 years old. It’s good to look mature sometimes! So, I say you show those tiny asian girls what’s up!!! Also: If you know any sites w/ cheap Goth/Loli, or if you just wanna discuss Goth/Loli, then email me @ (I GOTTA change that someday).


  65. julie Says:

    ppl i want to be cute lolita but i dont know what my friends will say.Will they freak out?

  66. Sarah Says:

    Problem with 90% of ANY lolit in the United States (the UK too, just not as much).

    FAT FAT FAT. Holy cow. Stop wearing dresses that are too tight. You are not cute.

  67. Isa Says:

    Gothic lolita styles DO NOT..I repeat do not look cute on american girls or european girls is not that im discriminating or anythign like that but its the truth, theyre facial fetures dont capture the essence that japanese and other asian girls have when they dress in that particular style

  68. Katrina Says:

    gothic lolita can look good on some european/american girls!though it does depend on if your short and petite and have a cuter face.Im a european gothic lolita and i have japanese friends who say that it suits me as much as japanese lolitas.

  69. Jobeth Says:

    Just buy clothes that look good on you. :3

    To me that’s the HARDEST part. I see something pretty and I want it, but I’m sure there is something that would be just as pretty and much more flattering if I just wait, and keep an eye out. Still!~ It’s hard. <333

    My biggest problem is shoes. D8
    My lack of coordination and flat footed-ness = ultimate fails. DDD|

    x3 <333

  70. Lilith Says:

    Well, my dears: Gothic Lolita Styles and its variations it’s just a fucking fashion style, and I must say it’s VERY EXPENSIVE for a young girl to keep it. It’s more a fashion that comes from the perverts in Asia that really love their “lolitas girls” because they look easily like that. Of course, it’s not the same in the west, as west girls are pretty normal and, even if some of them are petite and baby face, the truth is that most of west girls look stupid dressed like a child… Let that style for bed playing, but don’t try to be what you aren’t! Dress like a young gothic girl, it’s much better and occidental style :)

  71. A. Says:

    Lol at all of the Japanophiles in this thread.

    Just because it doesn’t look good on YOU does not mean that it’s that way for all Americans. Really, get over yourselves. The Japanese are not superior at absolutely everything

  72. Ellen Says:

    It so sad that some people feel it is their responsibility to direct others away from their desires. Dress have ever the heck you want to, its better that being frustrated the rest of your life. To those nay sayers keep it to yourself, what you think is just as important as dust bunnies and just as annoying.

  73. Ellen Says:

    It so sad that some people feel it is their responsibility to direct others away from their desires. Dress have ever the heck you want to, its better than being frustrated the rest of your life. To those nay sayers keep it to yourself, what you think is just as important as dust bunnies and just as annoying.

  74. Courtney Says:

    Wooooow. It looks like a nerd fight over here. Iv’e lived in japan for a while (2 years) there are ALOT of fat japanese, but unlike us who have more fatadults, they have fat teens, and japan also has alot of people with eating disorders. Japan is far from perfect, so all of the “japanese” (Im taking to you, white person pretending to be asian) stop.You sound ridiculous, and I know you wouldn’t say this at a con. Im a preppie, butsaw lolita pictures and thought it was cute, I started sewing a skirt. Anyways, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT AND DON’T CONFORM TO WHAT PEOPLE SAY YOU CAN OR CANNOT WEAR! Even if the are the nerdy kids here.

  75. Erica Says:

    I think anyone can look good as a lolita. You just have to get the right colors to complement your skin tone…

  76. cambrese Says:

    hey well im african american and part native american and most people get me confused with being a part asian. and well i personally think that i look good in lolita clothes plus im really short and most people say im adorably cute i have child like features. but anyway i think any race can look good in lolita style clothing it depends on the style.

  77. Christopher Says:

    Check out the New American Lolitas.


  78. Kate Says:

    wow. really now? about half of you are ridiculously ridiculous. yeah you heard me…er…read…whatever. i think that gothic lolita and lolita in general is beautiful. (if i didn’t why would i post here?) but i think it’s terrible that so many people believe that only asian girls can wear it right. i’ve seen so many pictures of western girls looking adorable in it! i myself have been dying to get my hands on a decent petticoat so i can get started. just because lolita became popular in japan, doesn’t mean us westerners can look just as cute and elegant.

  79. May Says:

    I found out about lolita a while ago, but have so far been unable to purchase any clothes. However, my sweet 16 is coming up and i want to wear a light blue lolita dress (the colors for my party will be light blue and silver). PLEASE HELP ME!!! I’ve been exploring the net for more than a month and still havent found anything T_T IM DESPERATE!!!! If anyone can help me plz do!! I have a month left til my bday!!

  80. May Says:

    I found out about lolita a while ago but have so far been unable to purchase anything. However i want to wear a light blue lolita dress for my bday (the colors for my party will be light blue and silver). I’ve been searching th net for more than a month and havent found anything T_T Plz help me!!! I’m getting desperate!!!! i have a month til my sweet 16!!

  81. Gothic lolita Says:

    I love lolita style very much,it makes me looks young

  82. Emilia Says:

    I think, personally, that larger girls (Western size 11-16, actually look really cute in GL! Yes, I can agree that SOME GIRLS just aren’t made to wear it. I think it’s all in the face. I’m a Hispanic American girl and I have a doll-shaped face, so it’s not hard for me to pull it off. I also find that it’s easy to hide fat in GL. (I’m a size 12. heh heh. So not technically fat.. but I could lose a few….)

    I mean really. Big girls never get to wear cute clothes because we’re ridiculed for it, so I don’t see why we can’t wear GL. Lolita is based off of European styles of the Bictorian Age, so I don’t get why the Japanese get so offended when we wear clothes aliken to what OUR ancestors would have worn. Maybe they should just stick to their gosh-darned Kimono.

  83. Princess katiey Says:

    Hey there,
    Just wanted to say some things:
    1. Paulah you’ll be fine, i’m English too and no-one minds much as long as you stick to casual loli at school then your fine :)
    2. Some Asians are not at all cute, just because the ones in magazines are cute doesn’t mean they are in real life.
    3. Lolita fashion is inspired by victorian and rococo era and where was that? Europe. So yes, europeans can be Lolita.
    4. Although I agree that some people do not suit the style, mainly because of their manner and unfortunately their weight… I’m sorry to have to point this out but if your on the larger side and decide to be Lolita then you need clothes in your size and not blouses that come half way up your belly :)

    I think that’s everything covered, just wanted to say that no race does a style better than another.

  84. Chrissy Says:

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that closed minded individuals to think only one race can wear a particular fashion.

    First off the Japanese always seem to be inspired off of us white people due to their sense of style. Lolita, Punk, and Ganguro. What’s even more hilarious is when they bleach their hair and try to be a malibu barbie. Don’t forget our ingenious idea of Alice in Wonderland. Thanks to us Americans :)

    Anyone can wear any fashion, but you have to do it with great taste. You have to find clothing that will fit your body type. An A line dress fits on almost any body type. For plus size ( saying someone is fat is just rude and ignorant ) wear clothing that’s not baggy, but not clingy. ON ALL BODY TYPES: You can wear one of those nude body shapers under your dress to smooth out any lumps and bumps.

    I don’t understand why everyone is getting all upset over their hair either… they make clip ins, sew in extensions, and wigs these days. You can buy a decent wig without looking extremely costume like either.

    IF you don’t have a baby face you can use make up to sculpt your face. If you high light your under brows… wear a nice pink lip gloss… pink blush, and even eyelash extensions it makes you more doll like. If your doing it for a photo shoot you can go to a professional makeup artist to get airbrushed which will make your skin porcelain appearing.

    Also another problem is LEGS. Certain socks on certain people should not be worn. If your heavier on the bottom half (pear shaped)don’t wear knee highs no matter how tempting and cute! Wear thigh highs or tights.

    Definitely read up on wedding dresses though. I’m getting married this February, and you can learn a lot in articles about body types looking good in certain dresses… I’m petite, slim, and pear shapped. :)

  85. Shaina Says:

    half of you people disgust me. Those of you saying only Asians look in good in Lolita – Lolita isn’t only about being dressed up cutely, it has to do with your whole persona. Being refined, polite, and yes, even mature. The look may be of a VICTORIAN doll, but that doesn’t mean you have to be childish or “uber-cute” to pull it off. Dolls are, anyway models of what children may want to look like when they grow up, right? So many people only look into it as a fashion, they completely overlook the depth behind it… -.-

  86. lala Says:

    psht, i am TOTALLY agreeing with emilia. YKNOW WHAT, you guys are making some pretty stupid generalizations here. as a westerner and a short/cute person, i totally pull off sweet loli and the occasional EGL outfit. it doesn’t matter where you’re from. it’s all about the look. and like emilia said… this is coming from EUROPEAN STYLES. geez. we thought of it first, so back off. twas not made JUST for you, short little-bone-structure asian ppl. :P

  87. Rin Miller Says:

    I think that before you try any new style, like Lolita, you should learn to love yourself( even the pooches, rolls, difficult hair, skin color, bone structure, and race). When you do, you won’t have to worry about not being ” cute enough” or ” skinny enough” to wear the clothes. Wear what makes you happy and leave insecurities elsewhere. I am 16, and I learned this the hard way by trying to be someone I wasn’t( the “black” girl). I may be African American, but I refuse to allow anyone to deter me from my happiness with negativity, ignorance, or close-minded thinking. I say,”Screw what they say unless they’re paying your bills.” I love the Lolita, Gyaru, Yamamba, and “Kei” fashions. Oh, and I could care less about the price, cause they will last a very long time due to fabric quality. Cheap prices sometimes means crap quality. SOMETIMES!!! And if you don’t want to buy a brand spankin new dress, buy a used one! They sell them cause they don’t fit or there’s a stain they don’t feel like getting out. Oh, before I forget, got to( ) to learn everything ya need to know about Lolita fashion. Everything from brands and stores to lolita on a budget. Mind you that if Gothic Lolita doesn’t work, there are 16 other Lolita styles!!! Yay Me!! :D So try to work on loving yourself before you rush to buy a loli dress, cause I don’t want you to be hurt when someone says something mean…like ” Your a stupid ugly immature wanna-be Little Bo Peep on anti-depressants and emo juice!!!” And I did get that from a kid at school. I thought it was funny cause I was wearing sweet loli that day! XD

  88. hime sama Says:

    I say there are too many fat American and European girls wearing Lolita styles and it looks bad on fat people, and also fat Japanese and Asian people. And yes there are such a thing as fat Japanese girls, Japanese being all skinny and cute is a stereotype. I have seen in Kera magazines some people on the street in Japan and I’ve seen some fat not cute, (with bad mouth overbite) girls dressed in Lolita and it wasn’t a pretty site.

    I think petite girls that have the right kind of cute face, and aren’t fat usually look good in Lolita. There are such a thing as petite girls with nice faces that fit Lolita style well that are American or European, its just there are less of them. I happen to be short and I’m in my early 20’s and I’m petite, and not fat, & my skin is pale white, so its easy for me to pull off the Lolita look.

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