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FRUiTS is a monthly magazine published by photographer Shoichi Aoki in Japan. It started in 1997 after Aoki noticed a new trend in fashion among young people in Harajuku. Instead of a fashion trend that was dictated by designers, this was a trend started by the young people themselves.

Young people would mix traditional Japanese clothing such as kimonos or geta sandals, with Western or local Japanese designs, even with punk clothing. These people were not brand obsessed like most Japanese people are known to be. They developed a “Harajuku Free Style” fashion trend which Aoki wanted to document in FRUiTS.

Since the trend began in the mid-nineties, the street style has expanded to cover many sub-genres, like punk, Decorer, Gothic Lolita or just kawaii.

The trend has died down in recent years – probably due to the fact that Omotesando (the main street in Harajuku) isn’t closed to cars on Sundays anymore, so the FRUiTS kids no longer have anywhere to hang out. Aoki still manages to publish a magazine each month though, especially since the magazine has achieved cult status in both Japan and overseas.

FRUiTS is a great look into the minds and fashions of Harajuku youth and is available by subscription, or in two volumes of books from Phaidon Press.
Photo by Shoichi Aoki
Photo by Shoichi Aoki
Photo by Shoichi Aoki

The official website
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21 Responses to “FRUiTS”

  1. Tracea Says:

    i love this site and i love tokyo,
    japan,and more recently harajuku!
    i am american and hope that when i
    go europe will welcome me with open arms. i know i’m american, but
    tokyo is just so interesting to me!
    -e-mail me @ if you’re
    from any off those places and help me be more informed i’d really apreciate it alot!

  2. Csiszar Apor Says:

    Fashion is brainwashing and a think there were sick. The Hummanity is failed.

  3. Naomi Says:

    When i grow up and get a job i will buy lots of really interesting clothes and got to tokyo! it’s My lifelong ambition!!!!!

  4. french girl banana Says:

    -_-’ I love!!! I’m crazy about their clothes. But It’s very flash!! Si tu vient en France comme ça, les gens te regarderons d’un drole d’air!!

  5. killjoy Says:

    It’s like every American saturday morning cartoon character from the ’80s suddenly ejaculated over Japan.

  6. Julie Says:

    I’m not asian.
    and I’m proud to admit that.
    But, I have to say, Tokyo Street Fashion has definatly inspired me; it made me obsessed.
    I’m definatly inlove with Tokyo.

  7. kate Says:

    I absoluetly adore tokyo street fashion and own both fruits books. The looks som of the people in there create are just mind blowing.
    Id love to go to tokyo

  8. annie Says:

    ei, love the harajuku fashion.. so cool… e-mail if you need help with your english! ciao!

  9. Yuna Says:

    Love it! Someday it will take aver all world ;) i hope :) I really wanna visit tokyo but, of course, i cant.Love all harajuku teens xD

  10. >_ Says:

    totally adorable!no words could express my admiration!I always thought my clothes were…somehow unusual-till I saw these I try harder:D

  11. emo_typin_a_message_in_the_library! Says:

    wooo! fruits r lykl tottly hot ! gangsta biootch i heart them!



  12. oliver Says:

    wooop wooop fruits fashion is so hot and cute utterly amazing xoxoxoxoxox

  13. Claire Says:

    i have 1 of the Fruits books…love it! Harajuku fashion rocks! x

  14. lillie Says:

    most of these people are not teenagers…asian people usually look younger than most white people.

  15. Leslie Says:

    These clothes are imaginative and they look affordable. DIY is great.

  16. ariel Says:


  17. kari Says:

    Zomg!!!! there so cute ahhh i dress like that 2 but there just so cute idk y? >.< but there adorble!

  18. fernanda Says:

  19. Sofia Says:

    I’m in love with tokyo as most of you guys have said you are too..
    but I unfortunately missed sophia coppolas shop milkfed in harajuku;/
    hope I will be able to go to japan sometime’s just and adorable country with adorable people.

  20. mandi Says:

    ummm Tracea, Japan isn’t in Europe. It’s in Asia.

  21. Aira Isane Says:

    I never knew they had an actual term for this kind of fashion. I totally adore this fashion style and wish to someday be able to wear something as awesome as those other people but my parents would kill me as of this moment if I were to even try it. None-the-less I still love it and always will.

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