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A sunday afternoon in Harajuku

(At least) one of them is a man… XD

FRUiTS at its best

Complete with loose socks!

Decorer style


Yip! Yip yip yip! Grr grrr!

I hope they’re cosplaying O_o

Matching brides of darkness and light!

Lolita and Gothic Lolita

I love this hat!

Very cute outfit! Love the shoes!

See? Guys can be decorers too!

The key to decorer fashion: ACCESSORISE!

Frilly parasol!

Haha! Cool glasses!

Girls dressed up Ganguro style

Leg warmers are a great touch

Why go to all the effort of ripping your clothes yourself when you can buy them pre-ripped?


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57 Responses to “A sunday afternoon in Harajuku”

  1. Kele Says:

    Hello. My name is Kele. I am verry found of your website, it is the first time I see it. You make a great job and I am verry interested in Japanese Fashion.Will you put pictures of cute Gals like at the top ?

  2. Laizzi Says:

    My name is Liza! I just want to say that your webside is pretty good. I really like it, and it’s the first time I see it. In the last year I become very interesting in Japanese Fashion. I wonder where you take these pictures? I really have to go there when I have grow up.

  3. jewel Says:

    love it, i love it and i love your sites….keep up the good work…
    jewel from manila

  4. katie carebare Says:

    I love your pictures, they’re great. One day I hope to go to japan and experience them in real life.

  5. KiKa Says:

    hey! i’m french from paris and i want to know the traduction in english of yamanba and gals you can joind me bye!

  6. Wes Says:

    what a great web site this is, I love it!! Like the pictures of a sunday in the park.. wow, flashback!! reminds me of the 60s in the USA, when fashion was, “anything goes”.. Keep up the good work!!!

  7. Jourdan Says:

    Wow I love Japanese fashion, keep the pictures coming

  8. Al Says:

    You have a awesome website I am currently in school majoring in Fashion Merchandising. It great to see other countries and their fashion.

  9. "Phee"` Says:


  10. Brenton Says:

    If Harajuku doesnt rock? Then what does?

  11. Katie Miller Says:

    I love Harajuku and Gothic Lolita. I wish that people would wear stuff like that dialy in America like they do in Japan. If they did some of the guys would look so hot.

  12. Kasumi Says:

    Good picture! I really love ^^ but just notice that the 3th picture is a cosplay of th band Gazette ^^; and the 12th is really a cosplay of the band Pierrot

  13. Lil_UZza69 Says:

    Moshi MOshi
    My Gosh i love it……….

  14. bianca Says:

    omg!!! this fashion is so wack n i love it i cnt wait to visit!!!!

  15. Anthea Says:

    hey. i ADORE your website…recently i caught onto jap harajuku fashion even though i live in little singapore…(land of boring fashionista).though, sometimes, i wonder…how would i survive with those leg warmers in the humid weather?

  16. ^KaedE^ Says:

    yoho~ i’m from malaysia~
    i jus love japanese fashion~!! their clothing r awseome!! no one would care watever they wear!! i wish my country is smae like tat~!! >_<
    gothic lolita, visual kei, cosplays.. they r so cool~!!! XD
    i jus love those pics u posted~!!
    ganbatte ne~!!

  17. linda Says:

    watashi linda desune …i love this site ..i hope u can give another gals fashion in shibuya n shinjuku too…like in popteen or cawaii magazine …thanz 4 u web….i love this so much….cawaiii

  18. FreYa Says:

    Yipiee! really love J-fashion! lovely n cute…..especially gal and Gothic lolita fashion heheee ^^ I really like seeing they Cosplayin’ too…. hope cosplay m’country will be like that….^^

  19. breil Says:


  20. NaeNae Says:

    I adore Japanese fashion; America is too conservative and plain and bland and not creative or fun at all! I love Japan’s spunky uniqueness. Lovely pics. :)

  21. Berrychan Says:

    yeeeeh! v.beautiful!! love JFashion and all!! ^^
    these picks make me wish to be a rich girl and buy everything!!!! *lol*

  22. eenz Says:

    sumpah,,kerend abiz…wuahahaha…pada ngerti bhs indonesia g???

  23. Lauren-harajuku luvver Says:

    omg harajuku girls are so gorgeous. they are all my idols. haha. beautiful

  24. Anyta Says:

    you totally rock. you are the best. I really like your styl.
    btw im from Slovenia ;)

  25. Mizuka Says:

    Well!! I really like your web bcuz i’m a harajuku lover!!
    I come from Indonesia ;)
    C U…

  26. WiGgLe KiDd Says:

    I adore these gurlz and there stylez.. Hopefully one day Ill get to Tokyo and be one! LOL Great site, keep up tha gud work here guyz.

    Catcha laterz, WiGgGlE kId, From Australia.

    P.S HaRaJuKu RoX 4EvA!

  27. Denise Says:

    Hi! Im Denise and i love Japanese fashion!!! America is oversexed especially when it comes to clothing and i often find myself missing the colorful and artistic expression of the fashion in my own native land (im from Puerto Rico by the way) and i thought id never see that type of great fashion again before i found japanese fashion, and now i love japan. Your so colorful and smart about your clothing, thank you is as if youve taken me back home!!!!!!!!!

  28. mady Says:

    hy!! i’m from Romania and i think i’m the only romanian person who loves this fashion!i really wanna be like you … but our town is very black and without color! :( .. oh my God …i adore you people! … i wish i will visit you somethimes! ..see ya’ …

  29. Zesenya Says:

    Well Denise you are not the only 1 . I am from Pueto Rico 2 and is true the people from Puerto Rico we dress really colorful…
    And Harajuku is awesome ..
    The people in Us. They dress so depresing..

  30. nanda Says:

    hai i’m from indonesia n really like your’s really cool.and i love japanese fashion….i love this so much

  31. Ashe Says:

    Harajuku District RULES! one day I hope to go there I dress with my own fashion as it is….I think if I went to Harajuku District on a Sunday afternoon …I would call it home…>

  32. sparkling_cherry Says:

    wow! i’m really inspired!

  33. ree Says:

    hi… am so glad when i found ur site.. i love harajuku style since i watched gwen’s video… ur picture are awesome… bravo and thanks a lot… u give me a lot of information and idea…

  34. kumiko Says:

    can you tell me online stores where i can buy japanese fashion style and so on…

    thnkx Xd

  35. 桜さん Says:

    The girl with nose protector is a cosplayer for れいたさま from The Gazette!
    Not all pictures here are regular dress.

  36. Yves Says:

    Hi 桜さん,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I tried to email you but your address doesn’t seem to work…
    Please contact me.

  37. Brenda Says:

    I just loved your job! I’m very interested in Japanese fashion and japanese lifestyle…

  38. Francesca Says:

    umm u spelled decora wrong, u spelled it decorer. other than that, cool pics :)

  39. bobby Says:

    um those r sum kwl pics lol

  40. Blaire Says:

    Hey I like the pix!! Theyre really cool!!
    Japanese fashion is so INTERESTING!! I wanna go there it looks really fun!! And all the gothic lolita stuff is really cool. I, myself, am into that sort of style.

  41. Vivi Says:

    OMG ! I’m dying to do my shopping in this kind of shop !
    I want these clothes T__T !!!

  42. lara Says:

    Hi there, i am currently studing make-up at college and i need some more specific information on how they actually do their make-up, and what their overall desired look for make-up is. Could you help me out?

  43. joelet shinoda Says:

    i love this website… so outlandish yet very refreshing… such eye candy…. wish i could wear one of these here in the philippines.. sayonara… kkk

  44. Skizo Says:


    English: Ahm….hm…This is…horrible,awful….. :S

  45. arielle Says:

    OMG!!! I love japan it way btr then crappy america!( I Live N virginia) everybody here looks like clones its horrible!! you guys r so soooo beautful! go JAPAN!!!

  46. arielle Says:

    i wish I live n japan

  47. arielle Says:

    color fashion rox my sox!!!

  48. FunnyGirl Says:

    hey i really luv japanese fashion… i love it so much that 2morrow 4 skool im gona go in the amazing decorer style… i made sure 2 tell all my friends 2 bring their cameras so they could keep the memory forever (man this will be so much fun, i dont care if any 1 laughs at me) your site is pretty amazing and i love the pics

  49. Yne Says:

    Wow, I love Harajuku faishon! =D

  50. Roba chan Says:

    I was just wondering if you do this kind of thing for a living, or just as a hobby?
    By the way your website is ULtRa AWSOME!!
    Love Harajuku fashion, but it’s gotta be on the weekends =’.'=

  51. Says:

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i love harajuku fashion and i love your site!! ahhh

  52. Erik Says:

    ♥ i totally love this so much! im trying to branch out into some other fashion and goth could be my thing. but there are too many scary goth people and im nothing like that. im more kawaii…. or so i hope!that and im a guy….i couldnt pull off cross dressing! ^.^ ♥

  53. sasha Says:

    wow, i love this place. my style is decora harajuku, i live in albuquerque which is in the desert and i stand out A LOT when i dress like that. but you know what? i like it so i dont care what people think. this site is inspirational.

  54. Jess Says:

    Today I went into Wal-mart
    looking like all harajuku decora, and I got a lot of compliments!
    Of course I was stared at a lot, but whatever. A lot of people seemed to like the way I dressed.
    ( and I live in Louisiana! lol.)
    I think if more people dressed harajuku it would catch on easily.

  55. Teisha Says:

    im from Mauritius island..WOw I love Harajuku Fashion….AWESOME Pics. Wish i could visit u amazing people one day….

  56. Darren Says:

    Hey, good job. Is this really the fashion in Japan or was it a cosplay event?

    Here are some pictures of cosplayers I took from where I come from.

  57. charlotte Says:

    i love it!
    it gives a great vieuw on the streets in harajuku

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