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Saturdays in Harajuku

I made a trip to Harajuku on Saturday to show some tourist friends around, hoping we’d catch some of the kids in crazy fashions that you’d normally see in droves on Sundays. While they weren’t there in high numbers, they were still quite a few. Mind you, even without them, there’s still plenty to see in Harajuku.

Funky Boots!

A pair of Decorers

Visual Kei

More strange fashion



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9 Responses to “Saturdays in Harajuku”

  1. Yves Says:

    “Hello Eat me!” :)
    Classic! I should get a pair…

  2. Wessel Says:

    Woah, alot of new posts! I should check more often. /slaps self
    Those are some really funky socks. :)
    Mind sending me a pair? ;)

  3. Chidade Says:

    Ha, they were probably all made in China anyway XD

  4. Wessel Says:

    Haha probably. My Japanese hostmother send me a scarf for the cold winter days. First thing I saw was that the label said “Made in China”. So much for my bragging rights. :P

  5. Edwin Ashley Says:

    wow… checkered scarfs… hadn’t thought of that. Looks rather nice with the outfit. The fourth picture caught my eye, because of the frills on her blouse,though I’m unsure if I like it.

  6. Chidade Says:

    Heh. It’s true. I myself wouldn’t wear most of the strange fashions in Harajuku – some of them are just plain ugly. But you do have to appreciate them for the ‘wow’ factor.

  7. zotteke Says:

    nice socks!!

  8. Gem Says:

    I want those white boots! i don’t care how, but now i’ve seen them i can’t live without them!

  9. Sara Says:

    very nice!!

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