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Para Para photo photo!

Eurobeat music, despite the name, is actually biggest in Japan, thanks to para para. So it’s not surprising that a Eurobeat CD/LP company actually references Japan and some of the subcultures there.

While the ganguro are probably all for a spot of para para, I’m not sure I can imagine some of the alien fetishists in Harajuku in the clubs dancing to cheesy Eurobeat music. Nevertheless, this website has a small blurb and some cute photos of ganguro, Harajuku, Maid Cafe and general Tokyo fashions.

HI NRG ATTACK – A Eurobeat Para Para studio


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2 Responses to “Para Para photo photo!”

  1. Wessel Says:

    I don’t know why, but those pictures look kind of old to me.
    Btw, I’ve found some shoes over here which kinda look like those Japanese ones.
    If you would care to take a look:
    I’m thinking about buying them. :)

  2. Chidade Says:

    I think you’re right. The website doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while (just look at the owner’s bio and their haircuts O_o) but photos are photos ;)

    Those shoes look cool, I’d get them! But do they come in pink? ;)

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