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Premade Fashion

There are many shops along Takeshita Street in Harajuku that offers pre-assembled outfits to fit in with the cool kids on Omotesando. They can be relatively cheap. Most of the are in the Lolita/Gothic Lolita vein but there are a few punk style clothes too.

It’s somehow disappointing. I got into Harajuku fashion because of what those kids could concoct themselves, not because of what they could buy from a shop.

Photo by Chidade

Photo by Chidade

Photo by Chidade

Photo by Chidade


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4 Responses to “Premade Fashion”

  1. Wessel Says:

    Even though it is somewhat dissapointing, it’s a pretty smart move from the Japanese retailers. Big bucks!
    I’m wondering how far they are going to take this concept, imagine buying a pre-made sets like that in a casual clothing store. It would kinda kill personal creativity.

  2. Virginia Lee Says:

    That is disappointing, though I agree with Wessel that retailers are going to get huge sums from this. It’s going to kill creativity if they take it any further. Though I do like the second (from the top) outfit, it doesn’t seem to flow (or clash?) as well as the outfits that kids can put together. Being one of those American, “wannabe Harajuku kids” myself, I try my hardest to be original. Having someone else get the same sorta result without trying aggravates me. It’s not fair, but life’s not fair, but it should be. Ah, well, I’ve said enough.

  3. Wessel Says:

    Is there a forum, by the way?

  4. Chidade Says:

    No, but that’s an interesting idea.

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