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A Day Out in Harajuku

A few Sundays ago I spent the day in Harajuku. It was a great day, the weather was great and there were plenty of people around. As usual, the kids on Omotesando were dressed in their finest, although there were fewer than usual because the right side of the bridge (facing Meiji Shrine) seems to be getting re-paved, so it was all fenced off.

Netherless, I got plenty of photos – here are some of them. You can click on them to see the rest at my Flickr account.

Photo by Chidade
This gaijin punk received a lot of attention from the usual locals.

Photo by Chidade

It’s Decorer Stitch! Rawr!

Photo by Chidade
A GothLoli Dress for sale at Body Line in Takeshita Street.

Photo by Chidade
My favourite photo from the day. I don’t know why.

Photo by Chidade
On a Sunday stroll through Harajuku…

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed them!


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8 Responses to “A Day Out in Harajuku”

  1. Wessel Says:

    Any pictures of yourself?

  2. Chidade Says:

    Hahaha….no >.<

    I’m always behind the camera, never in front of it :P

  3. Wessel Says:

    Haha, you really should post one of yourself sometime. Preferably in some funky outift :P
    Any word on the forum idea, by the way?

  4. Chidade Says:

    Photos of me on the internet will appear when pigs fly :P

    Forum idea is on hiatus for a while. But there’s so many forums already about Japan that you can join. Or, if you’re interested in a fashion-only one, try one of the Flickr communities.

  5. Wessel Says:

    Yes, I’m aware of the heaps of Japan forums that are out there. It’s just that I like your blog (even though I only comment here) and the kind of people whom comment here.
    Most forums are like “YAY JAPAN

  6. Wessel Says:

    for some reason my complete post doesn’t show, so here’s the rest:

    .. “YAY JAPAN” which doesn’t really appeal to me. :(
    Of course there are probably some more refined forums out there as well, but I think I’d rather stick with your blog for now. I like it. :]

    Btw, Priority air mail sucks! :(

    Edit, kind of: don’t be shy to delete anything :O

  7. Chidade Says:

    The forums are all “YAY JAPAN”? Bizarre, the ones I’ve found have been non-stop bitching and criticism. I’d *like* some “YAY JAPAN” forums!


  8. Natsuka Says:

    how much was the gothic lolita dress? i really like it, and i’ll be going on a rampage in harajuku later this summer. thanks.

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