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Street Fashion Photographers

PingMag has once again come up with a great article on Japanese fashion. This time, they interview some of the photographers responsible for those ’street fashion’ shots from Harajuku and Shibuya. I’ve written about Shoichi Aoki earlier – the photographer behind FRUiTS magazine, amongst others, but he is far from being the only man witha camera in Harajuku.

One thing that this article really highlighted for me is the breadth of magazines in Japan. In this article alone, there were magazines mentioned that were aimed at 20 year old men, young couples and women who ride bicycles.

Photo from

PingMag: Interviewing Omotesando Street Fashion Crews


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7 Responses to “Street Fashion Photographers”

  1. Wessel Says:

    “and women who ride bicycles”

    Errr, what kind of fashion are they into then? They don’t dress up like Lance Armstrong and prance around in Omotesando/Harajuku, I hope. :O

  2. Wessel Says:

    God, I’m so impatient with dry denim. I hate how it stains and blah. And I also bought them in the right size, forgetting about the shrinking stuff. Durrrr.
    You’d reckon I just shouldn’t wash ‘em at all?

  3. Chidade Says:

    There’s a song by Australian band Magic Dirt that goes “I haven’t washed my jeans in three months or more!”

    I’m much the same.

  4. Wessel Says:

    I think I’ll just pass on the dry denim stuff. I work too much in a clothing unfriendly environment, so they demand washing. Airing them never helps, lol.

  5. Wessel Says:

    By the way, something I’ve been wondering about;
    Do the Japanese just have really thin legs that they can wear such tight jeans and still make it look slightly “baggy”?
    My upper legs are so wide (muscled from years of basketball and rock-climbing I suppose) that I always got to pick a waistsize bigger because a) the jeans will tear b) theyre really uncomfortable if I don’t. :(

  6. Chidade Says:

    Yep, they’ll all sticks, even the men.

    There’s a thing about young men trying to buff themselves up, bruce lee style. i think that they’re self-conscious about how bloody skinny they are.

    of course, it could also just be the design of the pants that makes them look baggy.

  7. Honey Bhatia Says:

    Hey Iam Honey Bhatia Studying Fashion at Ravensbourne college & have ma research project on Street &fashion photography&how does fashion emerge from the streets etc.So i wanted your help on how does people do street photography&d pschye,technique behind street photography&if i could accompany you on any of shoots.Plz let me know your opinion& if i could interview you &if possible accompany you on any of shoots .Hoping to hear from you.


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