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The Gold Rush is back

No, i don’t think they found a new gold mine somewhere in Japan this time. It’s just that the Gold fashion statement is back again in Japan. Gold jewelry (ew), gold buttons, gold bag, gold shoes, gold scarfs, gold skirts, etc…just you name it, all thing un-gold is being replaced like right this instant as I am typing.

Gold was popular in the 80’s…which is actually one of the worse fashion eras in our lives – shoulder pads, carrot cut pants, and those big hairs,trashy make up…… Please let this not be another 80’s. I have nothing against the color gold except for in jewelry. I hate gold jewelry and prefer to opt for silver, white gold or platinum. I still kept that gold bracelet my dad gave me as a sentimental item but it won’t be appearing on my wrist anytime soon. But that doesn’t change that the Gold Rush is back in the fashion industry.

Here are some goldies for you:


Gold Bag from Botkier


Juicy Coutour “Peggy” Flats


Rebecca Norman’s Gold Cuff


Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Gold


Anna Maa’s ring


Gold Pendent

That’s all the gold I have for now.

Source: Trends in Japan


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3 Responses to “The Gold Rush is back”

  1. Eliza Says:

    I don’t mind gold jewelry, but I prefer silver because it compliments my skin tone better… But, yikes! I really don’t like this fad.

  2. The Expedited Writer Says:

    Me neither! But you don’t really need to follow any trends. Trends are for socially insecure people who succumb to peer pressure. A lot of it has to do with Monkey See, Monkey do. Not that I am saying trends are ALL bad, i mean, there are some ridiculous trends out there you gotta admit that. Stick to your own style and you’ll look the best :)

  3. Eliza Says:

    If there is a trend I like I might get some of the clothing… but I still continue to wear it even after the trend is dubed “over”. You gotta love individualism.

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