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How to make yourself up like a Gothic Lolita

This is a very informative video about applying your cosmetics properly to achieve the effect of looking like a gothic lolita.

The video is in Japanese but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the artist is doing. Just follow :)

Posted by The Expedited Writer in Cosmetics, Gothic Lolita, Japanese Fashion | 3 Comments »


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3 Responses to “How to make yourself up like a Gothic Lolita”

  1. Kac Says:

    This has NOTHING to to with gothic lolita style. I know japanese but you have to be stupid if you don’t see the “Sweet Chick” title on the video. This isn’t gothic lolita kind of make-up. GL is dark.

  2. flo Says:

    this is cute :D
    But seems more like lolita sytle than gothic lolita…

  3. Akuma Says:

    This could work well for a lolita look. It acheives the look of a porcelain doll with the eyes and all the colors are soft and muted.

    This is proably most suited to a typical lolita outfit, but for gothic you could go a bit darker on the eyes.

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