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Japanese Men’s Fashion takes another unmanly step

Get ready folks, it’s ‘meggings’ — leggings for men. Ok, well at least it’s not quite as bad as the men’s bra from earlier this year, but it’s another hit in the same ball park.

Japanese men’s fashion is definitely treading into a distinctly feminine territory. Check out the hair on Takuya Kimura and tell me you don’t see it too.

What do you think ladies? Do you like men who dress more like you? Or would you prefer a more traditional ‘manly’ man? Let us know in the comments.

via Japan Probe


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4 Responses to “Japanese Men’s Fashion takes another unmanly step”

  1. Cbass Says:

    I couldn’t wear those sissy pants…even for practical reasons. I mean, c’mon! those guys look *SO* wussy wearing them…it’s not cool at all..

  2. Jemi Says:

    I think some of them look kinda HOT in them! A few kinda creepy. It would be really cool to see guys dress like this in America though.

  3. ming Says:

    I dont mind the leggings, its the dresses and shirts that bothers me…but i still prefer a little more manly man

  4. LordS Says:

    No, please none of this “meggings” business. Maybe my conservative alter-ego’s speaking here, but I honestly can’t bring myself to look again upon those meggings.

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