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Uniqlo does it again, this time with ‘Roomwear’

One of the reasons that I really like Uniqlo is that they somehow manage to take really simple clothing and present it in a way that makes everyone think it was woven from unicorn hair. I really don’t know how they pull it off, but somehow they manage. Their site design is always fresh and very slick, making their brand a desirable one rather than something that’s cheap. If Steve Jobs and Apple computers ever got in the business of selling cheap-ass bargain basement clothes, the result would be something not very unlike Uniqlo.

When I saw their line of ‘Roomwear’ I instantly knew that they’d hit yet another bullseye. I mean, who else thinks to launch a line of clothing as being specifically used for lazing around the room. The ┬ámarketing department at Uniqlo must have sounded like something straight out of a Seinfeld episode for this one:

“Jerry, it’s Roomwear! You wear it (dramatic Kramer pause) in the room.”
“You wear it in the room?”
“That’s right, in the room baby!”
“So they’re pajamas?”
“No, pajamas are for sleeping. These are only for wearing in the room. They’re Roomware.”
“Not everyone lives in their room like you Kramer. Some people have JOBS!”

It’s an especially smart idea here in Japan where houses are usually not centrally heated and can get quite chilly during the winter months. As a result, people tend to wear a few layers around the house not only to keep themselves toasty warm but also to keep down electricity costs.

As for the clothes themselves, they still have all the simplicity that one would expect from the Uniqlo brand. Lots of primary colors and simple pattern designs. Here are a few of the pieces available from the women’s line. The first two designs are especially nice, with bright vibrant colors and a hoodie to boot. These would make awesome stocking stuffers.



As for the men’s line, that’s pretty impressive as well. Again lots of simple designs and primary colors, in keeping with Uniqlo tradition. I especially like the checkered lumberjack pattern, which I assume must be targeting all those Japanese men who have taken to dressing like women on occasion. This sweater makes you look like you’re about to go cut a load of wood, when really all you’re planning to do is put on some popcorn and watch Legally Blond.


Photos courtesy of Uniqlo’s Roomwear pages (men, women)

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