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Olympic thong and other transparent trends

There has been some buzz (but not a whole lot) on the internets about the Japanese speedskating uniforms. Why, you ask? Check out the lower section. Yes, that lower secion. Is it a thong? No, just a clever design to make it look like risque undies on the inside. What do you think? Is it too much?

In any case, it hasn’t caused much disturbance in Japan, not that I’ve heard of anyway.


It’s entirely possible that whoever designed these speed-skating uniforms for the Japanese team might have been somehow influenced by Serena Williams suggestive designs in her tennis wear. She’s been prone to use flesh colored material to extend an otherwise conservative neckline, not to mention her brown under-skirt spandex, which – if I may be frank – looks like a$$. While technically there are no body parts actually shown here, I will have to disclaim this as NSFW.


It’s also possible that the speed-skating uniforms were taking a page from some earlier Japanese attempts at faux transparency. Does anyone remember those see-through skirts from a few years back? They were all over the web, but in the end it turned out that they were not transparent at all, but rather photos of… ahem… butts … printed on regular skirts. A very clever illusion!


In any case, I find it hilarious that even more than the speedskating suit above, the following outfit has upset more people in Japan than anyone else this winter!

Kazuhiro Kokubo-japan-tie-shirt-untucked

Are there any other transparent fashions out there that I neglected to mention? Please let me know in the comments. But please, as always, try to keep it clean!

Sources: Total pro sports, Webswag, i4u

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