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Bosozoku Fashion

Where workshop jumpers are always the latest fashion.

When I first say Bosozoku, I was curious as to what these people wear. So I did a little probing around the internet – key in some words and what not. And landed in wikipedia. :P

So wikipedia said that:

The stereotypical bōsōzoku look is often portrayed, and even caricatured, in many forms of Japanese media such as anime, manga and films. The typical bōsōzoku member is often depicted in a uniform consisting of a jumpsuit like those worn by manual laborers or a tokko-fuku (特攻服), a type of military issued overcoat with kanji slogans usually worn open with no shirt underneath showing off their bandaged torsos and baggy matching pants tucked inside tall boots. Tokko-Fuku in Japanese means “Special Attack Uniform”, which is the uniform of the Kamikaze pilots, which in Japanese were called the “Special Attack Battalion” (特攻隊). The uniforms will most likely be adorned with militaristic slogans, patriotic rising sun patches, ancient Chinese characters, or even manji (swastikas). They will also often wrap a tasuki, which is a sash tied in X around the torso, a look inspired by Japanese World War II fighter pilots. Leather jackets, often embroidered with club/gang logos, and even full leather suits are also seen as common elements of the bōsōzoku look. Among other items in the bōsōzoku attire are usually round or wrap-around sunglasses, long hachimaki headbands also with battle slogans and a pompadour hairstyle most likely akin to the greaser/rocker look or perhaps because of the hairstyle’s association with yakuza thugs. The punch perm is considered a common bōsōzoku hairstyle as well. Surgical masks are also stereotypically worn by bōsōzokus perhaps to conceal their identities although these type of masks are also worn by allergy sufferers in Japan, especially during autumn. Females are also shown dressed in a similar style but dress in a more feminine manner with long and often dyed hair, high-heeled boots and excessive make-up.

Bōsōzoku are known to modify their bikes in peculiar and often showy ways. A typical customized bosozoku bike usually consists of an average Japanese road bike that appears to combine elements of an American chopper style bike and a British café racer, for example: oversized visored fenders like those found on café racers, “sissy” bars and raised handle bars like those on a chopper. Loud paint jobs on the fenders or the gas tanks with motifs such as flames or kamikaze style “rising sun” designs are also quite common. The bikes will often be adorned with stickers and/or flags depicting the gang’s symbol or logo. There is also marked regional differences in motorcycle modifications. For example, Ibaraki bōsōzoku are known to modify their motorcycles in an extensively colorful, flashy way. They will often have three or four oversized visored fenders in a tower like way in a motorcycle painted in bright yellow or pink with Christmas light–like adornments.

And this is what they usually wear:


I can definitely see the appeal in those jumpsuits – they might be comfortable, in the very least.

You can catch some of them here:

In Malaysia, these guys are called Mat Rempits. They were once a road nuisance but have since been upgraded to potential youths by their government. Do not ask me why.

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