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Japan still loves luxury

We always knew that Japanese women had a taste for luxury brands, but I’m not sure if any of us knew the extent of it. An article on sheds some light on this:

Japanese consumers, like others in Asia, carry on their obsessive love for luxury brands. Women head the charge in Japan. A staggering 92 per cent of them own a Gucci bag, 57 per cent own a Prada one, and 51 per cent own a Chanel bag.

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Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2008

Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2008 Collection is inspired by a Russian gypsy punk band called The Bordello’s (insider’s info). So styles that looks pseudo-military and heavy embellishments are common within this collection as you will see.

Gucci Women Part 1

Gucci Women Part 2

Gucci Men Part 1

Gucci Men Part 2

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Japan’s Uniqlo to Challenge GAP USA


I am sure most of you in Japan know of the brand Uniqlo? It’s the Japanese version of Gap; a chain store that specializes in casual clothing. And it appears that Uniqlo (it took me 3 times to type that word right), is going to take the international centre stage by buying a section in Barneby’s and challeging GAP USA to a showdown of who can produce the most casual, comfortable and chic clothing of all time!!

I am exaggerating a little.

But here’s the article from the International Herald Tribune online:

TOKYO: If you haven’t yet heard of Uniqlo, chances are you will soon.

Often called the Gap of Japan, the wildly popular casual apparel chain has taken its homeland by storm and is now turning its ambitions overseas — and upmarket. On Tuesday, Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing, struck again with a brazen US$900 million (€660 million) takeover bid for luxury chain Barneys New York.

Back home, the down-to-earth Uniqlo brand has soared to success partly because of Japan’s decadelong economic downturn that ended in early 1990s. By focusing on good-quality basics at ultra-low prices, Uniqlo weathered the slump while introducing Japan’s notoriously finicky shoppers to the world of bargains.

Now, Fast Retailing wants to woo overseas converts by going head-to-head with mainstays like the Gap Inc. and Limited Brands. It is opening Uniqlo outlets across Asia and Europe and just christened a mammoth flagship store in Manhattan’s trendy SoHo district. Japan has long been famed for its auto and electronics exports, but this is a rare case of a Japanese retailer making it big abroad.

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Gucci Bags – The Indy Collection

This just in, the latest Gucci bags, The Indy Collection is now out.

Check out the wares, ladies and gents. I must say that some of these bags are pretty lovely.


To view the entire Indy Collection, go to

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Brand Crazy Japanese: An Article

This article i am about to share is really interesting. The brand craze in Japan is no small phenomenon when 1/3 of the branded items of the world are purchased by the Japanese. What drives the Japanese to view branding so importantly that it has to be apart of their personal statement? Is it the influence of the media via viral marketing of various innuendos of how a person should look/act/believe? Or does it symbolize a “higher status” that Asians in general seek due to their upbringing of needing to always do better?

Brands to me are useless unless they boast of a certain quality. I will pay for quality but I won’t pay for a name, if you get what I mean. Just read the article – it’s pretty interesting.

  • The freshman wears Prada
    By Thomas Dillon

    “Because I want to make a statement,” says the girl. “And my statement is that I am unique, which my choice of fashion demonstrates.”

    So that was her answer. And the question?

    Why the Bvlgaria watch, the Louis Vuitton bag, the Christian Dior blouse and the flirty whiff of Chanel? Why — little Miss College Student — why the obsession with so many brands?

    Then this unique girl flashed a Max Factor smile, turned and took a seat with her classmates — each dressed almost the same. Cheek to cheek chic.

    True, not all Japanese coeds come packaged in so many labels. And many more can better afford Hello Kitty than Hanae Mori.

    Still, in Japan there exists a sizable number of young females who do not leave their homes for school or work without at least one designer item in their ensemble.

    Some say these women are to brand goods what hot air is to balloons. The fashion industry might not crash without them, but neither would it fly so high. The well-heard figure is that one third of the world’s brand items are purchased by Japanese.

    Chuo Avenue in the Ginza is but one of many Tokyo spots where the fashion boutiques line up like models on a walkway. Not that the shops are packed. Subtract both the window shoppers and the tourists and Chuo Avenue might echo with the remaining footsteps.

    Yet somebody is buying. For along with the boutiques come pawn shops specializing in used brand items. Further evidence includes women bedazzled in fashion. Or perhaps in well-fashioned fakes. Regardless, in Tokyo even some college freshman wear Prada — or at least what looks like it.

    So much so that stories of girls selling themselves — so called enjo kosai — in order to keep up with the Tanakas, fashion-wise have long been passe. Even a boom of one-of-a-kind goods reflects against the trend it is bucking — the national passion for brands.

    Why? Is it as simple as peer pressure, like the coed who insists she is matchless, despite being matched by all her friends? Or is it — as is often argued — just a middle-class lust for luxury?

    Granted, I don’t possess much fashion sense myself. I wear no brands at all, unless you count the stains of French’s mustard on my cuffs. Typically, I leave my house with holes in both my sweaters and socks, my wife permitting such shabbiness only because she says the openings go so well with the one in my head.

    But my holey head sees more to Japanese status-seeking than fashion.

    Snobbery Japanese-style operates on a number of levels, with one fine example being the gakureki shakai syndrome, where advancement in life is tied to university rank.

    To get to the top, you have to start at the bottom, but in the ideal scenario the steppingstones in between are embossed with the names of elite schools, from kindergarten up.

    Society then presents pecking orders for almost every endeavor. You’re a better company man if you work for Mitsubishi, Sony, Toyota or the like than if you get paid by any place with a lesser-known shingle.

    You are a better stewardess if you can serve tea for JAL, you are a better clerk if you can dot i’s for the Ministry of Finance, you are a better ballplayer if you can shag flies for the Tokyo Giants. And so on.

    Perhaps this is all linked to the Japanese craving for form. Something — and I often wonder if it is not the precise crafting of kanji — has soaked into the Japanese spirit that there is one correct way to do things. The sense of “way” — the same Chinese character that denotes the disciplines of judo, kendo, shodo and more — permeates life. There seems to be a national way for every endeavor, including how to be Japanese.

    With the possession of brand goods perhaps being the standard for how to be an elegant and swank Japanese.

    “Nah,” says a voice in my head. “Brand goods are just a mark of dependable quality. That’s all.”

    “Yeah, right,” says another voice, perhaps one whistling through that hole, “People don’t show off the quality, they show off the name.”

    Yet, another voice points out that to some people, the finest brand of all reads, “Japanese.” You can wrap the body in whatever classy fashion you want, but nothing, some say, beats the label underneath.

    Perhaps this is the root of Japan’s designer craze. The idea is not that the man makes the clothes, but rather that proper form demands a good fit of class.

    “Was I your fashion statement then?” I ask my wife, noting that to many a foreign spouse is a retreat from “Japanese-ness.” “Was I your moment to buck the trend?”

    She tells me she thinks differently. That she instead sought a ritzy brand name from overseas. So that’s how she got me.

    Words that make me blush. Until her next line. Which is:

    “Now — those pawn shops. Where are they again?”

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    Grumpy Girl T-Shirts


    These are so cute. Grumpy Girl TShirts are the symbol of those days when everything is just pissing you off. And for Monday blues, of course. The types of Grumpy Girl TShirts available really cracks me up, i will definitely buy this because when I feel grumpy (which incidentally is every Monday and I do look like Grumpy Girl with long hair), I can whip out the T Shirt so the whole world would stay outta my way!

    There are many categories; you should check out the website Grumpy Girl Clothing.

    here are some of my fav.


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    The Collaboration of KIKS and Aki

    I am sure many of you know the brandname KIKS TYO. They are a well known brand for Japanese streetwear and sneakers lifestyle in Japan. In fact, they are now also focusing on their international presence as well with an English website.

    Anyway, KIKS TYO is has announce a press release of its collaboration with “Angel of Japan” Aki Hoshino for the launch of 4 new collaborative t-shirts. Of course, the model will be the face of these t-shirts. 3Yen is proud to be one of the few in the country to be presented the opportunity to announce this news on their behalf as well.

    With the announcement came word of a Japanese based, English-language web shop – where customers from the global streetwear community can view and purchase special AKI HOSHINO collaborations, including sexy celebrations of rare Nike and Air Jordan footwear plus a limited edition Casio G-Shock collaboration tee made to mark the 25th Anniversary of the iconic digital watches. The deadline for pre-orders is May 17th, 2007. In
    addition, small quantities of select items from KIKS TYO’s Spring/Summer line are available while stocks last.


    The KIKS and Aki colloboration can be found in their website, under KIKS & CO. Special Edition, where Aki Hoshino’s face will be on the featured t-shirts. She is such a hottie :) Price for each T-shirt is ¥5,524 (税込 ¥5,800).

    Well, boys and girls, start shopping!

    Product page

    KIKS TYO page

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    mari dade

    I have always loved mari dade’s sporty and yet chic fashion sense. I wanted to post their 2007 collection for spring wear but only selected members are allow to view it. So all i have is their 2006 spring collection. It’s awesome, and i am still completely enamoured over their luxury wear hehe.

    Here are some pictures for you to feast your eyes upon:






    I really like the third picture a lot simply because it’s so elegant without the age factor :)

    Source: mari dade

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    Spring and Dresses

    When spring is here, the dresses come out to play. It’s the same every where and it is this time of the year that I look forward to because I love dresses, short ones. I have at least 3 LBD (Little Black Dress for the uninitiated) that’s suitable for any occasion and a dozen more dresses stashed away during winter! Now i can bring them out again.

    This season, dresses are the craze again because Spring dresses symbolizes femininity and refreshing bursts of livelihood and color, just like Spring! Pair up a dress with skinny jeans and a nice belt, you’ll be ready to go out and paint the town red. Such is the versatility of dresses, it’s a 2-in-1 when you buy a dress.

    Anyway, lets look at what Spring has in store for us in dresses, shall we?

    Nanette Lepore


    Michael Kors

    Cynthia Nellis

    Carolina Herrera




    Source: Trends in Japan

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    Evisu: The Rolls Royce of Jeans

    Evisu or Evisu Genes is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in producing denim wear through the use of vintage looms, and other labour-intensive methods with as little use of modern machinery as possible. Sometimes referred to as “Rolls Royce of Jeans”, the brand was founded in 1988 in Osaka, Japan by Hidehiko Yamane. The brand was originally called Evis, but was changed to Evisu in 1991, though the pronunciation and phonetic representation in Japanese has never changed. The Evisu logo (which was created by Yamane) is a stylized gull, and is still hand-painted onto some styles of jeans.

    Yamane once said, “If I can’t find quality in a product, I’ll make it”. And made it he did.

    Today, Evisu Jeans join the international scenes as as well known brand in producing quality and beautiful jeans that is worn by famous names around the world. Let’s look at some of their seagull bearing jeans, shall we?

    Evisu Jeans 1

    Evisu Jeans 2

    Evisu Jeans 3

    Evisu Jeans 4

    Evisu Jeans 5

    Source: Evisu ; wikipedia

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