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Virtual make up system

Have your ever shop for cosmetics like lipsticks, eyeshadow, blushers or even foundations only to find you bought the wrong color? Of course the test it on the bottom of your arm technique is a pretty accurate help but sometimes it is not. The Japanese have found a way to sort that problem out for you by installing a virtual make up system at their cosmetics section complete with a webcam so that you can take a picture of your face as a canvass.

You will never go wrong with colors again.

Tech-savvy but fashion-conscious Japanese women who want to try an instant makeover discreetly now have a chance to do it at the touch of a button. In a project meant to help design “the department store of the future,” Japan’s top cosmetics maker Shiseido on Friday launched with partners a virtual make-up simulator on a trial basis. The customer’s face appears on the computer and moves in real-time as she tries on lipstick, eyeshadows or blush at the top of the screen.

“This is the first time to be able to do this with moving images instead of still images,” said Shiseido spokesman Shigesato Kobayashi.

The customer touches on-screen tags that offer information about the products, including what ingredients are included or what skin type they are suited to.

The screen will also show the before and after results of the makeover, “so women can apply and reapply different kinds of color without having to use make-up remover and compare the results instantly,” Kobayashi said.

Read the rest here…

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How to make yourself up like a Gothic Lolita

This is a very informative video about applying your cosmetics properly to achieve the effect of looking like a gothic lolita.

The video is in Japanese but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the artist is doing. Just follow :)

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A step by step geisha make up guide

Doll Face

If you are an intrigued as I am about geishas, thanks to Arthur Golden’s inaccurate rendition of an artisan’s life but beautiful no doubt, you will find this website rather useful. It’s not everyday wear unless you’re a real life geisha or if you’re getting married or you’re in a kabuki play but it’s something useful for halloween. If i were to play dress up, i’d dress up as a ghostly geisha and this step by step make up guide is definitely handy.

Check out this WEBSITE.

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Chidoriya – Traditional Japanese Body Care

I found this site that sells traditional Japanese Body Care. Japanese women have really nice skin, I have to give them that and to me…beautiful means beautiful skin. You can have a nice face but if you’re full of acne, you’re still pizza face, like it or not :P So Chidoriya targets to bring traditional oil essence and remedies to bring out the natural beauty of your skin.

They use Camelia oil and that’s an awesome thing especially for scars.

Check out Chidoriya and their list of products.

Now if you’re asking me about what does it have to do with fashion? Well, if beauty and fashion goes hand in hand then body&skin care has every thing to do with fashion. It’s a big part of being beautiful if you ask me :)

Source:Beauty Habit

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The Gold Rush is back

No, i don’t think they found a new gold mine somewhere in Japan this time. It’s just that the Gold fashion statement is back again in Japan. Gold jewelry (ew), gold buttons, gold bag, gold shoes, gold scarfs, gold skirts, etc…just you name it, all thing un-gold is being replaced like right this instant as I am typing.

Gold was popular in the 80’s…which is actually one of the worse fashion eras in our lives – shoulder pads, carrot cut pants, and those big hairs,trashy make up…… Please let this not be another 80’s. I have nothing against the color gold except for in jewelry. I hate gold jewelry and prefer to opt for silver, white gold or platinum. I still kept that gold bracelet my dad gave me as a sentimental item but it won’t be appearing on my wrist anytime soon. But that doesn’t change that the Gold Rush is back in the fashion industry.

Here are some goldies for you:


Gold Bag from Botkier


Juicy Coutour “Peggy” Flats


Rebecca Norman’s Gold Cuff


Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Gold


Anna Maa’s ring


Gold Pendent

That’s all the gold I have for now.

Source: Trends in Japan


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Shu Uemura


Shu Uemura is a cosmetics brand that has achieved international recognition. Their line of cosmetics ventures from lipstick to facial care…and it’s completely Japanese. It all started by a man name Shu Uemura, naturally. He is what we would call the inconventional man whose life is dedicated to making women beautiful. As Japanese women always love looking well made up and beautiful – Uemura-san took this as an opportunity to incorporate his sense of traditional and contemporary cosmetics to be introduced to the market in Japan. He who is a skin care specialist and make up artist created the brand Shu Uemura and has seen taken off to international heights wit his products.

You will see his products being used in fashion shows, by Hollywood artists, Hong Kong artists, Taiwan artists and the general public who can afford using Shu Uemura every other time. Their product is for serious fashionista and you won’t find giggly teenage hovering in any of their chains. With a make up brush that can cost up to USD250 each, you better be serious about making yourself up like a doll to get all the mileage u paid for that brush.


However, Shu Uemura’s line of product is known of its quality and awesome range. Going into one of their stores will have you propped up by one of their assistants with a lesson on how to make you, a more beautiful you with their line of products. I have a Shu Uemura eyeliner, given to me as a free gift in one of the departmental stores in Malaysia (I’m Malaysian). I’ve only used it once, like a minute ago before i came to write this post and it’s been sitting on the shelve for uhm…2 years? It still works and I don’t feel like my eyeballs are burning (yet) so shelf life wise, I think Shu Uemura’s pretty good. I’m gonna take a 15 minute interval to see if i have any bad reaction from this). BRB.





Nope, nothing, I’m still fine and my eyes are still gorgeous *blinks* :D

This Japanese brand is definitely worth a try although, I don’t know if I am able to fork out 250 bucks for a brush. I’m not really big on making myself up like a doll unless it’s worth it :P

pictures courtesy of Shu Uemura Japan

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Japanese “make” lesson

In Japan, you don’t say “make up”, but “make”. And in Japan, before you put colour on your eyes, you change the shape of your eyelids to have a “fold” over the eyes, therefore making them bigger. Via Taro (at the news section of 3Yen), you can now see what it’s like to be a Japanese woman, on a daily basis.
Eye taping

The most popular plastic surgery procedure for Japanese and Asians the so-called “double eyelid” surgery to make slanted eyes rounder. Here’s a “Makeup Lesson” for eye gluing and taping to simulate round eyes.

Watch the video here.
Eye Torture!


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