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Japanese Men’s Fashion takes another unmanly step

Get ready folks, it’s ‘meggings’ — leggings for men. Ok, well at least it’s not quite as bad as the men’s bra from earlier this year, but it’s another hit in the same ball park.

Japanese men’s fashion is definitely treading into a distinctly feminine territory. Check out the hair on Takuya Kimura and tell me you don’t see it too. Read the rest of this entry »


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Elegant Gothic Aristrocrat

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) (also sometimes referred to as Gothic Lolita Aristocrat (GLA)) is a line of Aristocrat fashion-style clothing created by Japanese musician and fashion designer Mana for his store, Moi-même-Moitié. It has branches in Shinjuku and Nagoya, Japan as well as online through CDJapan. Another brand that makes EGA/GLA-like clothing is Atelier Boz.

Aristocrat fashion as a whole is often labeled in Western fashion as “Elegant Gothic Aristocrat” or “EGA”, but the term applies only to the line of clothing in Moi-même-Moitié.

The style itself centers on the concept of androgyny and often has identical outfits for both men and women. The clothing is usually limited to black, white and dark colors, and the main image is founded on elegance and simplicity. EGA makes up half of the Moi-même-Moitié fashion lines; the other half being EGL, or Elegant Gothic Lolita, which differs from EGA in that it’s strictly dresses, combining Goth fashion with Lolita fashion: the image of expensive French porcelain collectors’ dolls.

The clothing lines are usually simple and tight, with pants or long skirts that stand in contrast to the Lolita style. Typical gothic piercings and tattoos are not particularly compatible with the clothing; however dark, heavy makeup may be worn by both sexes.

EGA is a preference among older people who feel they’ve outgrown or are too old for the Lolita fashion and Gothic lolita styles. Many of these people will turn to EGA as a more mature alternative.

EGA Fashion 1

EGA Fashion 3

EGA Fashion 4

EGA Fashion 5

Source: wikipedia


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1/3/2007 in 2007

G’day people!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great and safe holiday season. It’s about now that people are geting back to work or school, flicking on the PC and directing their browsers at 3yen to avoid doing whatever they’re meant to be doing, heh.

Well, we hope to make your procrastination worthwhile in 2007. Firstly, we have a new blogger in our ranks: The Expedited Writer! She’ll be writing here in as well as some other places on the 3yen site. I’ll still be here and around the site too, no fear.

We’ve also recently moved to a new server which never goes without a few hiccups, so apologies to people who have made comments that haven’t appeared on the site. They should be up there now and you shouldn’t need to wait to be moderated in the future. Just make sure you use the same name and email in all your comments.

Well then, that’s all of the admin stuff out ofthe way. Stay tuned for more Japanese fashion goodness on 3yen in 2007 :) To start you off: a photo.

Photo by Chidade

This was taken in Kyoto where there are dozens of businesses that dress you up as a geisha or maiko for a fee. Men can dress up as samurai or feudal lords. Except one man. Yes, the one on the right in the photo. He decided that the hakama is kinda boring and wanted to try his hand at those 10cm high geta that the women get to struggle on!

Ha, crossdressing was probably invented by the Japanese.


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