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The ever changing trend of Shibuya men

Trendy young men in Shibuya usually means dyed blond/brown hair with tanned skin. They were called the Gyaru-o, or “gal men” because they look a whole lot like the girls with the same look…however today, the trend has changed to a new style called onii-kei, literally translate to “older brother” look. Why gyaru-o men tend to dress down like the surfer attire or the casual sporting attire (i.e. the jock style in US) the onii-kei looks is a slick, sexy, flamboyant and a more clean shaven look. Their dress code is characterized by white tailored jackets, low-necked tank tops, imported jeans, and pointed leather shoes.

In a world where women’s fashion dominates, it’s hard to find pictures of these men in the onii-kei fashion sense. But, being the nice blogger who takes into consideration of her readers’ needs, I looked high and low and came up with some :)

This is what The Corner have for Onii-kei fashion:


THis is from Men’s wear at Glad News
(weird names):


This is from Goa:


Source: Trends in Japan


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Gyaru Men get their own Store

There’s so many terms used in Japanese fashion. I’m going to have to construct a glossary here one day.

Gyaru (ギャル) is the Japanese transliteration of the English slang word “gal”. Basically, think out-there female, conscious about fashion, her looks, boys and sex. In Japan this seems to mean a minimum of tanning slightly and dyeing hair blonder, a blinged-up keitai (mobile phone) plus plenty of make-up. Ganguro and yamamba are sub-sects of gyaru fashion. men have

Now that you’ve got an image of that in your mind – twist it a bit more and think of gyaru men. Ehhhhhh?!

Well, they do exist. I’ve seen them in Shibuya, although obviously not in as large numbers as the girls. They go by the name of gyaruo or gyaru-oh (the ‘o’ sound is one kanji sound for ‘man’) They probably attract more stares than the women, because it’s such an unusual look on a man. People already know that women will go to outrageous lengths for their looks :)

The gyaruo have now been given their own little shopping haven in – where else? – Shibuya. Shibuya 109 is the place to shop for female gyaru fashion. Now, one of the joint buildings Shibuya 109-(2), has set aside 2 levels dedicated to men’s gyaru fashion. There are 23 outlets over the 2 levels. There have been reported monthly sales totals of 100 million yen since it was trialled in March. Wow!

Image from Mainichi News

Looks like gyaru is here to stay for a little bit longer.

Mainichi News
Wikipedia’s article on gyaruo


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