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Video: Why is Evisu Jeans so god-damn expensive

Here’s why:

The jeans are man-handled by this guy who paints their signature M on the back pockets everyday. Labour is not cheap, my friends. Do they tell you how many washes before the paint wears off?

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Levi’s Autumn Japanese Collection


Levi’s Autumn Collection

Jeans are evergreen, we all know that. I personally have about 10 pieces of jean materials in my wardrobe because they’re really comfortable and versatile. Levi’s, and I know many people LOOOOVE Levi’s have come up with their Autumn collection that targets the Japanese crowd. I personally cannot tell the difference but is it in the cut? From the pictures, they look like standard cuts to me except maybe it looks a little flair in the hips department.

Anyway, the three models that are out include the 569, 703 and 709. For each model, there is either rigid or washed choices to chose from. Prices range from 8,925 Yen – 12,075 Yen (approximately $77 USD – $104 USD). These jeans are available now at Atmos.

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Bikini Jeans?

bikini Jeans 1

I don’t know what to make out of this bikini jeans. I know they’ve probably been out a while now but…this bikini jeans is like out of this world. You would really need to have the body for it and even then, shouldn’t you be flattering that body with a better looking pair of jeans than that?

Okay, I think the jean’s atrocious unfortunately. :/

bikini jeans 2

Sorry, if any of you have a pair of this at home. You should keep it under balls and lock for ever. The other person I can think of wearing this kind of jeans would be Britney Spears actually. Remember when she shaved her head bald and went totally ballistic over her failed marriage and showing her not so private parts to the world? Yea, I think she would wear these pair of jeans gladly.

I am not going to be sorry for this but this is the perhaps the UGLIEST thing i have ever seen. It’s atrocious, seriously. There is nothing sexy about it, imho. Buh.

bikini jeans 3

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Mizra Vintage Jeans


Mizra Jeans

I found this brand while whisking through the internet. I found Mizra Vintage Jeans. I thought they look really, really awesome. According to the Oxford Press English Dictionary:

1. an ancient Japanese boy’s hairstyle in which the hair is separated into two knots and curled to fall in front of each ear. Typically worn during feudal Japan prior to reaching adulthood.

JEANS (jēnz) pl. n.
2. Jeans are trousers traditionally made from denim, but may also be made from a variety of fabrics. It is usually an informal wear :)

The designer of Mizra Jeans is a young bloke called Yoshiyuji Iwagashi, who was with prior to the launch of his jeans line. This is no ordinary jeans as Yoshiyuji has background work on traditional woven kimonos and other traditional costumes, he applied his knowledge on these jeans which means, you can only expect the best weave around with this brand.

Each of Mizra Jeans are unique in its own right. Mr. Iwagashi incorporated delicate kimono pieces onto each jeans and hand painted beautiful adornments like chrysanthemum and dragons on back pockets. It is beautiful and traditionally rich. Mizra Jeans is an embodiment of Japanese culture mix with west.

And if you are in Kyoto, you can check out their flagship store and get your hands on an awesome pair of jeans. Remember, they’re are rare and you will be the ONLY one wearing it in the whole wide world.

Check out this link for more info on Mizra Jeans.

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Baggy. Loose. Jeans.

Baggy Jeans are Back!

Another Spring 2007 fashion trend that has set foot in Japan is the Loose Contour Jean. The baggier the better, ladies and gents. It’s not exactly new because these jeans were worn by rappers and rappers wannabes for years. And the trademark way of wearing these loose jeans are to pull it as low as you can go.

There was not once where I wasn’t tempted to pull their pants down when i see them wearing jeans like that. The menace in me just two-folds whenever i see baggy, crotch hugging jeans. The good thing about these baggy jeans is that it fits all body types because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what body type you have because the whole purpose of wearing loose contour is to not have a body type. Androgenous lovers unite in these jeans. I use to own a baggy pair of jeans because a saleperson told me it was cool. Hey, I was 15 then. The jeans is currently sitting in a brown box somewhere in my old room. It was comfortable while it lasted :)

Source: Trends in Japan

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Evisu: The Rolls Royce of Jeans

Evisu or Evisu Genes is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in producing denim wear through the use of vintage looms, and other labour-intensive methods with as little use of modern machinery as possible. Sometimes referred to as “Rolls Royce of Jeans”, the brand was founded in 1988 in Osaka, Japan by Hidehiko Yamane. The brand was originally called Evis, but was changed to Evisu in 1991, though the pronunciation and phonetic representation in Japanese has never changed. The Evisu logo (which was created by Yamane) is a stylized gull, and is still hand-painted onto some styles of jeans.

Yamane once said, “If I can’t find quality in a product, I’ll make it”. And made it he did.

Today, Evisu Jeans join the international scenes as as well known brand in producing quality and beautiful jeans that is worn by famous names around the world. Let’s look at some of their seagull bearing jeans, shall we?

Evisu Jeans 1

Evisu Jeans 2

Evisu Jeans 3

Evisu Jeans 4

Evisu Jeans 5

Source: Evisu ; wikipedia

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Red Monkey Jeans


While certain fashion trends come and go like the wind, there are those that stay for a very looooong time. LIke for example jeans. Jeans are perhaps the most worn pants in the world because of its durability and comfort. Of course, we can forget its fashion. A pair of skinny jeans can flatter just about anyone if you get the right cut.

In Japan, Red Monkey Jeans seems to be doing perfectly great with its sales and popularity. It is the most searched jeans in Yahoo! surpassing Levi’s and Diesel.

Red Monkey Jeans are the brainchild of Martin Ksohoh from Hong Kong and are made from specially engineered cotton from China which is woven and dyed using the indigo rope dying method to produce high quality and unique denim. The jeans also carry a very distinctive embroidered Japanese influenced back pocket designs of geishas, crashing waves and dragons.

Made in China for the mass, just like everything branded in the world..:) Okay so why is it so fricking popular?? Well, we know why now. Big names in the music industry like P. Diddy and Jay-Z are wearing it…so of course, like monkeys see and monkey do, the mass follows. However, it is without a doubt that these jeans looks cool though. The westerners are suckers for oriental designs and prints, hence the dragons and phoenixes and chinese and japanese characters. The name Red Monkey is even mentioned in songs too – raps of course.

These jeans are made in very special and limited edition so getting them may be a fuss. Of course, it’s not exactly friendly to your pockets too. A pair of Red Monkey jeans, with its signature embroidered dragons and what not, could set you back £300 ($600) a pair! That’s some pretty expensive pair of jeans but you get the consolation that there are perhaps only 20 pairs in the whole wide world.

Beware of imitations in eBay though.

Source: Denimology

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Mario Jeans!

Apparently Japanese denim is the best in the world. I can’t say, personally. As far as I can tell, Japanese denim is just the most expensive in the world.

Still, I’d be willing to fork over nice money for a pair of these. Japanese blogger Takuronyan did a little bit of home-made printing. Mario is on the back pocket and King Koopa is on the leg. Nice work! Unfortunately, the entry is Japanese-only but you can try your-web-translator-of-choice to get more details.

Image from Fami Complex

Found via Kotaku

Fami Complex (Japanese only)

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Barak invents the double-sexy jeans

Barak invents the double-sexy jeans

The “109″ is Tokyo girls’ fashion Mecca. It is a department store filled with all kinds of clothing shops pushing their boomboxes to 11 and displaying as many colors and shapes as possible to attract the zillions of young girls who just came to burn their cash on boots, g-strings, cute shiny purses shaped like shoes etc. Most of it looks like a sequel to the Paris Hilton episode of South Park, but suddenly something stands out and you’re rewarded you made it so far.

Barak invents the double-sexy jeans

Apart from having the cutest salesgirls in the whole building, Barak has the ultimate jeans for the girl who wants to go lower than the usual low waist jeans. In fact, they’re so low, you couldn’t even wear them. And not only they are LOW, but you gotta wear them OPENED… So they created an illusion with those denim to protect your morale and reputation. According to Virginie, these should be picked up by Diesel and become a big success in the West very soon. So I guess we should make sure you read it hear first…

Barak invents the double-sexy jeans

Barak invents the double-sexy jeans

These jeans are tight, and they have your usual wear-and-tear holes here and there. So far, no suprises. What’s new are the shorts attached-in, coming out from the top, which are what you actually “wear” while the rest is trompe-l’oeil. And it works!

Barak invents the double-sexy jeans

A big belt, a short top, and you’re sluttier than ever even though you’re not revealing anything more than with normal low-rise jeans. Somewhere, somehow, there is an Italian designer working on these right now. Maybe it is time you get back to your fat-free yoghurt diet before summer.


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